I'm a software engineer and engineering leader with a strong product-driven approach. My focus is mainly on system architecture, backend development and cloud infrastructure.

These are some areas where I can support you:

  • - Design and develop software systems and applications (Python/Go/Javascript)
  • - Reduce lead-time and improve software quality
  • - Implement a remote work strategy & culture
  • - Migrate your deployment to a container/kubernetes based solution
  • - Create and grow software teams
  • - Implement and improve CI/CD
  • - Build MVPs
  • - Build cloud infrastructure
  • - Build RESTFul, gRPC and GraphQL APIs
  • - Build serverless system
  • - Build software for IoT products
  • - ....


Tech is a rapidly changing industry. Helping your teams staying up to date is fundamental, and training courses are a great way to achieve that.

My training courses are tailored on your team's needs and learning goals, and the agenda is usually created together.

In case you are looking for training focused on Python and cloud infrastructure you can check

For more info, whether for consulting or training, you can send an email at me [AT]

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