I am living in Berlin (Germany) and although is a crazy city I really, really like it.

The long term plan is to spend 8-9 months in Berlin and escape the winter in a warmer place, somewhere in Southern Europe.

One of the main reasons to settle down in Berlin was to have more focused time and have less moving around hustle.

I have 3 main areas of focus (yes, they are interrelated):

- Skills
- Python
- polyniq


  • Improve my skills as Tech Lead and Architect
  • Get a better understanding of how you can create a great Tech Team
  • Devops practices and production readiness
  • The 3 things above with a particular focus on data science
  • Learn typescript and Go


I am really keen in fostering the Python community in Berlin, in 2 ways:

I really like to imagine Berlin as one of the main Python hubs in Europe (community and jobs wise) in the next years, this is why I wanted to organise PyCon DE 2019 in Berlin.


polyniq (polynomial uniqueness) is SaaS I am working on, with the goal of providing recommendation and personalisation of contents/products and more generally of the user experience.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’s Now Page Movement.

Updated December 10h 2018, from Berlin (Germany).