Hi there, I am Christian 👋

I used to hack video game consoles to make money during my teenage-hood, then after I dropped out of university I started a company about renewable energies.

Fast forward a few years I am now a senior software engineer and tech lead living in Berlin where I work at infarm, the farming as a service company.

Topics I am really into (AKA I read, talk, blog and tweet about):

  • AI, IoT and DevOps
  • System Design
  • Escaping 9-to-5 & remote work
  • Tech for Good

I am a proactive member in the tech community, through contributions to OSS, coaching, speaking, writing and organising events.

I organized more than 20 events in the last years, ranging from meetups to +1000 people conferences like EuroPython and PyCon DE & PyData Berlin.

I am a Python Software Foundation Fellow and former board member of the EuroPython Society.

Online you can find me on twitter, github, linkedin and you can send me an email at me [AT] christianbarra [DOT] com.