My to-watch-list from EuroPython 2017

July 25, 2017

So EuroPython 2017 is over!

It's been a tough mission to organize the #EuroPython this year but again it was an amazing experience.

A special thank goes to all the people that have participated in organizing the conference: EuroPython Team.

This is my to-watch-list for EuroPython 2017, probably you can end up with something different, in case you wonder talks are randomly ordered.

1) The encounter: Python's adventures in Africa // Slide

I've met Aisha for the first time during EuroPython 2015, she was an attendee of the DjangoGirls workshop in Bilbao.

From that moment she has put a lot of effort in growing the Python community in Africa and the results are astonishing as much as the different kind of problems they are facing there.

2) PyBind11 - seamless operability between C++11 and Python // Slide

Python is getting faster, directly or through new projects like PyBind11. It's impressive how easily you can bind Python and C++, kudos to the creators and maintainers.

3) A Python for future generations // Slide

Armin's view about what Python should be in the future and where we should put our efforts to improve Python. I personally agree with what he thinks about breaking compatibilities.

4) Deep Learning your broadband network @home // Slide

Very interesting talk, an "hand-made" data science project, from getting the data to analyzing them.

5) Sustainable scientific software development // Slide

Inspiring presentation about the current state of software development inside academy and research and how it should be (and hopefully will be).

6) Abstract base classes: a smart use of metaclasses // Slide

Scare your children with meta-classes!

A lot of Python programmers are scared by the word meta-classes, this presentation will make your life easier, with a beautiful introduction to meta-classes and A(bstract)B(ase)C(lasses).

7) How to create inspiring data visualizations?

Do you know how many trees there are in the world? That's a lot of data points to visualize.

8) The joy of PyPy JIT: abstractions for free

Want to get 97x improvement in your code performance for free? Well this introduction to PyPy is probably the best way :)

9) A faster Python? you have these choices // Slide

A very interesting presentation about how to make your Python code faster but it faces the problem from a chief/lead role perspective instead of how effectively write faster code.

If you are facing these problems inside your team this presentation is for you.

10) How to get your pants stolen, in 2 easy steps

How to get your pants stolen

This was a lightning talk during the last day of the conference (LTs are not online yet).

The story is quiet interesting and there was also a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.

But there is a lot more to come (I think more than 200 sessions), soon we are going to release all the program on YouTube!

A big thanks to Alessia Peviani, official photographer of the event, all the pictures come from her lenses.

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